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Wall Avoid

Looking for something different but something that doesn’t need much of your energy? Timeout is here to your rescue! Check out Wall Avoid on timeout and get an interesting way to kill boredom.


Wall Avoid is one of the most simplest games on Timeout. This game is designed for all age groups, from toddlers to the oldies. You will definitely find it as a fun and entertaining game. It also is a wonderful way to distract yourself and take a break from work and everyday problems.

In this game, all you have to do is tap but vigilantly. The setup of the game is that there are two walls- one on the right-hand side and one on the left and there is a small white cube that is moving in the upward direction. The hurdle here is that there will be obstacles all along the way that will prevent the cube from moving up. Your job in this game is to help the cube to move up without colliding with the protruding blocks along the way.

We recommend playing this game on your phone to have a better user experience.

Build your Skillset

The game sounds too simple, right? Well, it isn’t.

The protruding blocks from both sides come to you at varying speeds. At one point you will have to tap your thumb (or finger) just as fast as a woodpecker. For this, you need to keep your eyes wide open and be a bit analytical on how long would it take the cube to move from left to right without touching the bigger blocks. As you cross about 50+ blocks, even if you tap a millisecond later, you can lose the entire game.

Also, there are no lifelines in this game. You will have to start all over in case you take a hit. So, do you dare to test your skills?

Scoring system

Wall Avoid is an addictive ability game. Once you start playing, you will make sure that you have the highest scores of all time.

It is very easy to score in this game. All you have to do is cross as many blocks as possible without touching them. You will have to be patient enough to wait to tap at the right moment, but also be quick enough to not get caught by the block that is coming towards you.

The game always displays your highest score on the main page.

Take the challenge. Play the game and mention your highest score in the comments section below!


We all live in an uncertain world. Often, we wish that we were more alert and vigilant. There could be many reasons that could cause a diversion in your attention. All you need is awareness and patience to overcome such diversions.

These skills essential to daily life and might also lead you to a happy one!