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Hands down, the most interesting and addictive game on Timeout! Train Snake Taxi or Train Snake brings on another level of excitement. There are 50+ LEVEL and layouts for you to explore.

Train snake


Train Snake Taxi is an easy game but needs all your focus. You shall be given a simple train and all you’ve to do is take passengers on board. The layout of the tracks is different for every level.

Train Snake

As you move on to newer levels, the difficulty level increases by a bit and the number of passengers to be taken on board too increases. There is a catch here! As more passengers get on board, longer the train gets. The long tail could put you in trouble as often the tail collides with the obstacles.


You have to tap and hold to move the train and pick up passengers throughout. But hey! Lookout on the left and right for challenges along the way. To name a few there are moving taxis and crushers. You will find more different obstacles as you level up. Check them out yourself.


Each passenger you take on board, you get two credits or coins. There are bonus levels too.


Train snake

There are bonus levels for you to get some more money. Each coin you collect you get two credits. The best part about the bonus level is that there are no obstacles or challenges. All you have to do is slide through quickly and collect all the coins on the tracks.

PS: The bonus levels come up on multiples of 5. Go make some more money!


You must have traveled on train multiple times. It’s fun as we are inside. But driving long trains not an easy task. Indeed, the passenger’s safety and life are at stake. But with some practice, this could be done perfectly.

This game is all about how focus you are and how quickly you can escape from obstacles. You get an idea of what could driving a train be like. So many things to look out for- signals, obstacles and people.

 As you cross the finish line and help the passengers reach their destination, there is a small celebration and rewards are given.

Don’t forget to unlock their set of SPECIAL TRAINS! These can be unlocked with the coins/credits you have collected. The trains look great and are faster than the one provided to you.

Go unlock new trains and comment which train you liked the most!