Tower Mania


A recent addition to Timeout! is Tower Mania. Tower Mania is a game that requires all your attention and focus. This game might look really simple but only when you start playing you understanding that it isn’t.

Tower Mania 1
Playing Tower Mania

You can build your very own tower; it could be ancient or the modern. Initially a base structure has been placed already and on top of it you shall find a floating block. It all about your timing and right judgement when to tap so that you place the blocks exactly on top of each other. Small messages of encouragement keep popping up when you place it right!

The points keep increasing as you go higher and higher. You place the block perfectly you get mor points. The difficulty level increases but the rewards keep getting increasing. And as you collect more coins, it gives you many advantages– new interesting levels will be unlocked and you can use boosters such as head start and insurance will which help you get a killer score in the upcoming turn!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started! You might end up making the next Burj Khalifa on Tower Mania!


Tower Mania 2
Tower Mania

The more you play, the better you get at it! The timings keep getting better! That’s the way to crack this game.

Remember: Tap it once, tap it twice, tap it until you place it right!


In life we face multiple hurdles. Our attitude towards those hurdles is what matters. But once we overcome those hurdles, we get rewarded for achieving a goal in life.

This game is exactly similar to overcoming hurdles in life. The floating blocks are just like these little hurdles in life. Sometimes you miss and at the other time you hit bulls’ eye! Initially you might fail, sometimes you might tap too early or sometimes you might tap a little late. There are times you will miss and you’ve to start over all again. But you shouldn’t stop there. Get tapping again. As you go on placing each block, you climb the ladder of success in life. Things start getting on its own and each high has its own perk.

We all need to dream big. The sky is the limit. We shall reach new heights every time but only if we try. We shouldn’t give up. Always fight failure. It makes you better than yesterday. Rewards and praises along the way are secondary benefits.

Tower Mania 3

The lesson we learn from this game is that we might fail multiple times but we must rise every time we fall. We get better every time and must keep on trying until we reach our destination. In the end it is going to be worth it.