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Time to Park: Game that Eliminates Parking Worries


With the entire world smarting under the lockdown impositions, parking, at present, might not seem like an issue anymore. However, things are expected to improve and in the next few months to come, we might again witness parking issues, sans restrictive availability of spaces and skilled drivers. This is why it is quite appropriate to play Time to Park for the time being, precisely for brushing up the parking skills, specifically for the future.


Time to Park, exclusively available for unrestricted access over Timeout, is a simple yet addictive game that expects you to adhere to the strict parking rules and regulations. The gameplay requires the user to park his or her vehicle at a pre-defined location; something that changes according to the gaming level. Although the concept might look simple, you need to use the arrow keys strategically to avoid hitting fences and the adjoining vehicles.

Another difficult aspect of this game is the existing timer that fires once the concerned level is reached. While the three minute timeframe might look like a lot, the strategic placement of the neighboring vehicles and intricate turns make sure that the clock ticks away faster than usual. If and when the vehicle is parked at the appropriate location, you would know as all the indicators will glow, all at once. This would indicate that the perfect parking position has been reached.

Last but not least, if you are looking for higher points, you need to park the vehicle at the earliest. However, if the time runs out, the existing level is repeated, all over again, till the time you park the vehicle within the stipulated timeframe.

Modern-Day Relevance

Although parking might not seem like an issue at present, there will soon be a time when lack of open spaces, skilled drivers, and old-school maneuvering techniques would bring back the issues. However, Time to Park is one game that would prepare you for a real-time parking scenario by helping you move and place the vehicle within a small time frame.

Park your car in Time to Park

Real-time parking opportunities are mostly available in the form of first-come, first-serve basis. Time to Park is therefore is one game at Timeout that respects this issue and offers a host of bespoke parking formats for increase skills and parking prowess.

Who can play?

Time to Park is a game that can be played by almost anyone, regardless of the age and driving skill sets. Unlike some of the other games in market, this is a simplistic rendition and basic playmate for the general user.

Key Takeaways

Parking is an issue that needs to be addressed with immediate attention. Although there are many games that concentrate on offering a seamless driving experience, Time to Park concentrates precisely on making parking a success.

Parking perfectly in Time to Park

Moreover, the interface is highly simplistic and the instructions are mentioned clearly, right at the start. Needless to say, Time to Park is an easy yet addictive game with multiple game-playing scenarios to look at.