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Happy Green Earth

We know that our Earth consists of land and water. But growing population and pollution are creating problems like drought, floods, global warming etc. Do you feel like helping the Earth from different problems? You can by living and practicing sustainable and Eco-friendly way of life. Here is a game that will allow you to […]

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What’s Next?

Have you seen war movies? You must have noticed how soldiers fight the enemies to protect their countries. Here is a war game, but with a twist. This war is fought not only using guns and weapons, but by using different techniques. Play the ‘What’s Next?’ game to know more! GAME PLAY ‘What’s Next?’ is […]

fun games kids mobile strategy

Jack the Gold Miner

Gold is a much sought-after metal and it is very precious. They are found deep inside the earth and have to be dug out from mines. A miner is the one who digs out the gold. Here is a gold finding game that you will enjoy a lot. GAME PLAY Jack the Gold Miner is […]