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Black Or White

We know that our world is so colorful. We have plenty of colors to choose from and these colors make our world a pretty place. But what if there were only two colors like only black and white? Would our world be the same? How would it be to have only two colors and live […]

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Girl Adventurer

Who doesn’t love adventure? It’s an exciting experience that gives an adrenaline rush in the body. The activity is usually something bold and risky. It could be exploring, traveling, river rafting, scuba diving, or any other extreme sport. The experience always remains fresh in your mind leaving you to crave more. But during this pandemic, […]

fun games kids mobile strategy

Jack the Gold Miner

Gold is a much sought-after metal and it is very precious. They are found deep inside the earth and have to be dug out from mines. A miner is the one who digs out the gold. Here is a gold finding game that you will enjoy a lot. GAME PLAY Jack the Gold Miner is […]

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Time to Park: Game that Eliminates Parking Worries

Introduction With the entire world smarting under the lockdown impositions, parking, at present, might not seem like an issue anymore. However, things are expected to improve and in the next few months to come, we might again witness parking issues, sans restrictive availability of spaces and skilled drivers. This is why it is quite appropriate […]