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Wall Avoid

Looking for something different but something that doesn’t need much of your energy? Timeout is here to your rescue! Check out Wall Avoid on timeout and get an interesting way to kill boredom. Gameplay Wall Avoid is one of the most simplest games on Timeout. This game is designed for all age groups, from toddlers […]

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Relic Runway

Have you been to an archaeological site full of old ruins and relics? Or have you been to an adventure trip visiting hidden cities and monuments? Here is an adventurous relic game that you would love to play and explore. GAME PLAY The “Relic Runway” is an adventure game found in the puzzle section of […]

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Ancient castles had plenty of soldiers to protect its kings and queens. They formed the backbone of the kingdom and were ever ready to fight for the king. But what if there is only one soldier remaining? What if you are that soldier trying to escape the castle because it is not safe anymore?  GAME […]