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Scatty Maps Africa

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world. The continent of Africa has 54 countries. Do you know the countries in Africa? Play the Scatty Maps Africa game to know your general knowledge about Africa.


The Scatty Maps Africa is an educational game found in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. This game is helpful to understand the different countries of the continent of Africa. If you are interested in knowing about the countries and its location, this game is for you. This is a drag-and-drop puzzle game.


When you begin the game, the screen shows you the map of Africa and you can select from two modes. This geography-based game tests your general knowledge about the countries in Africa. This game has two modes: The Easy mode- where you have to find the location of only 13 countries and the Challenge mode: – where you have to find the locations of each countries of Africa and complete the full map.


When you select the easy mode to play, the empty map of Africa is shown. On the top of the screen are the scrambled images of 13 countries and its names. You have to select the image of the country and drag and drop it to its correct position. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see the scores for the correct answer and incorrect answer. If you place the country image correctly in the African continent map, you get points. If the image is wrongly placed, the incorrect tab shows the score. There is also a Time tab that shows the time you take to place all the 13 countries on the map.

If you select the Challenge mode, then again, the African continent map is shown. Similar to the easy mode, here also you need to drag and drop the countries to its respective position. But here instead of 13 countries appearing on the top together, one country and its name appears on the top and you have to place it properly.


In case you wrongly place a country in the continent map, it shows the right place for placing by highlighting that area. You can place the country correctly; however, you do not get correct points for that. Once you placed the countries correctly in its position in the map, you get the map completed message. You can see the total correct and incorrect points and also the time taken to complete the map.


Imagine you have to study about Africa in your geography class. You have to tell the name of each country to score good marks. The Scatty Maps Africa is an educative game that helps you to gain knowledge about the countries in Africa. You could play this game to improve your skills and general knowledge about the African continent.

P.S Along with the countries, you get to see the flag of the country. Also, the order of the countries to be placed may change in each game.