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Relic Runway

Have you been to an archaeological site full of old ruins and relics? Or have you been to an adventure trip visiting hidden cities and monuments? Here is an adventurous relic game that you would love to play and explore.


The “Relic Runway” is an adventure game found in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. In this game you are the relic hunter who has come to explore the hidden city lying in ruins. The game begins with you being shown how to play the game. The starting of the game shows that you are grabbing a big, ruby stone from one of the statues. On doing so, a stone-troll comes up from the ruins and starts chasing you. You have to escape from the troll to avoid being caught.


The relic hunter has to run through the ruins to escape. The runway is filled with many obstacles like rocks, artifacts, fallen trees etc. The game initially shows you how to play this game. You have to use the up-down and right-left arrow keys. The UP arrow is for jumping over the obstacles on the way or to catch the rope, the DOWN for sliding under rocks, the LEFT arrow key to move to the left and the RIGHT arrow key to move towards the right.


This game requires you to not only escape from the troll but also to collect coins as you run through the runway. The more coins you collect the more points you get. You can see your score on the top left-hand side of the screen. You can also score points in one run that is also shown along with the coins collected. You can also see the scores you made when the game is paused. The remaining coins and score points to be collected to win the game is also shown.

Relic runway is a super, adventure game that you would love to play. You should always keep moving or else if you stop due to any obstacles, the troll will come and catch you up, and carry you away. The game gets over here. You should be aware of fire entrances, rock obstacles, and broken runway. Navigate through these and collect maximum coins to win the game. You should be quick with your fingers to use the arrow keys well. This game requires quick thinking and reflex to play without losing.


Imagine you visit an old ruin site that is full of hidden treasures and relics. While walking through the ruins you come across a treasure that is one-of-a-kind. When you pick it, you realize that you are not the only one looking for it. What if someone is behind you ready to grab you and take the treasure? You have to run from them to save yourself. Enjoy playing the Relic Runway, to get an experience of having a virtual relic hunt and running over obstacles to escape the troll.