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Pokémon Pikachu

Are you the biggest Pokémon fan? Before it became a famous TV series, Pokémon was a famous video game.

Now get to step into the Pokémon world along with Ash’s favorite Pikachu on! Help him through his toughest journey. Are you ready to witness some action?

Pika! Pika!


The world of Pokémon is full of challenges. Each and every Pokémon has a unique power. They fight battles to prove their strength and capabilities. This game is another battle Pikachu has to win.

In this game, Pikachu is stranded on an isolated cold island. He has to find a way to get through the island to reach another land. There is no other way but to walk across the island. The water is ice cold and can freeze one to death.

In addition to thunder-shock, Pikachu has the ability to run very fast. There are many landmasses through which Pikachu has to jump across to reach the final destination. You just have one life. Can you help Pikachu to get across?

You can play this game on your mobile handset or your computer. Switch to the computer to get a better flavor of the game.

Look before you leap

The better way to get across quickly is to jump your step and when you have high land masses, there seems to be no other option.

Pikachu can do both efficiently but this can only happen right if you tap at the right time. It might sound quite easy, but it isn’t.  You need to have an idea how far will Pikachu jump so that you don’t miss the landmass and fall off straight into the water.

This might need some practice so that you can pull it off easily till the end. And hey! Stay alert. There are nails embedded along the way. So even if you manage to jump and land, you also have to make sure there is no nail around.

It might seem difficult at the beginning but do not give up easily!


Pokémon Pikachu is a multi-leveled game. As the level increases, it gets tougher and tougher to reach the other end.

Many coins are placed along the way. Pikachu has to collect as many coins as he can. The number of coins that Pikachu can collect depends on your jumping span and landing accuracy.

The total number of coins collected by Pikachu will decide the number of stars you will receive out of three once a level is completed.

So, keep jumping. Cause you ‘Gotta catchém all’!


This game is all about fun and some action. Pikachu is determined to cross every level to get to a safe island.

What we must learn from him is In life, only you can decide how the end can be. It is often said,” If you are born poor, that’s not your fault. But if you die poor, it is.”. If you focus and work hard enough, you can achieve your goal. Multiple obstacles might come along the way but you shouldn’t give up.