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Point Drag: Drift your Way to Glory


Point Drag is a fascinating and addictive game that precisely relates to your drag driving skills. For starters, this game brings back the old memories of desktop gaming where driving cars was not just about sticking to the lanes but following and surviving the toughest of turns. Point Drag, as the name suggests, asks the gamer to drag ferociously but without losing control of the car.


The gaming interface is simple and you can start playing Point Drag simply by adding a mouse to the existing device. The entire gaming scenario urges the user to drag the car within the tracks, in order to make the vehicle stick to the defined lanes.

Driving outside the track is not allowed! 🙂

There is a turn at the end of every small track and you can drag the vehicle by activating the yellow pivot adjacent to the track which turns red when used. The best thing about Point Drag is that you need not click directly onto the pivot or drag point but can long press left-mouse tab to activate drag turning. However, you need to release the drag almost immediately after the vehicle makes the turn, in order to maintain a straight path.

Point and Drag to get your car through the turns

Any deviation from the straight path, apart from the turns, would end the game, almost immediately. There are no retakes and you need to travel as far as possible by making multiple pivots. Last but not least, the car speed increases with time which makes pivoting and dragging harder than usual.

Modern-day Relevance

While we would never encourage you to make such abrupt and speedy drags in real-life scenarios, this game makes sure that you have proper turn controlling skills, in case an emergency arises. Moreover, this gaming scenario is often encountered in action movies like Fast and Furious where vehicle drags and pivots are necessary to light up the screens.

Last but not least, Formula One racers would relate better with this game as they need to make precise drags in order to avoid the vehicles hit the fences.

Who can play?

Almost anyone with an affinity towards online gaming can play Point Drag. However, if you see someone playing this game extensively, you can count on him or her to be a decent Formula One driver. Most importantly, hand-eye coordination is necessary to excel in this game and set records as the car speed increases with each turn and bumping out of the tracks can be frustrating at times. Last but not least, a lot of practice is required to achieve Point Drag perfection.

Turn by clicking the point

Key Takeaways

Driving isn’t only about moving the vehicle along a straight line. You need to be prepared for turns and twists and should be able to glide through each one of them with precision.

If we were to draw parallels with real life scenarios, Point Drag is one game that motivates when it comes to facing sudden challenges that life throws at us while gliding and dragging right across them with exemplary results.