action multiplayer

Paper.IO v2


One of the new games added is Paper.IO. Surprisingly interesting and light, this game is a simple life-or-death winner-take-all scenario. Using just colours and blocks, express yourself as you fight against upto 8 players and either exterminate them, or keep trying until you conquer the whole board!

Paper.IO 2

The simplest way to conquer is to gain territory. All you need to do for that is move around the screen and capture more ground.

Capturing enemy space comes with risks, however! If your enemy touches your ‘tail’ it’s game over for you. Try to stay ahead of your enemies and take over their territory.

Enemy Killing

Naturally you can also kill your enemy. A good trick to this is to stay inside your territory and let your enemy enter – then you can hit their tail and kill them quickly and easily!


Colourful Blocks fight for survival in a round two-dimensional world. The Blocks leave a trail wherever they go, and eat each other for amusement and nourishment.

There’s always young fresh blocks coming into the world – they just appear out of nowhere, and start their feast of colour, only to be consumed by one another.

You are such a block – you may be any colour – it doesn’t matter – the path is more or less the same irrespective. Will you be the champion that consumes the entire world? Or will you be consumed by other of the more ‘powerful’ blocks that dominate a larger part of the world?

Or – will you be consumed by one of the younger, freshly formed blocks? Who can say. Come and play!

Have fun playing Paper.IO 2