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Killer City

Looking out for a thriller game? Your search ends here. Timeout’s most exciting game Killer City will keep you glued to fun all-day. What makes this game more special that is the sequel of famous game Stick City.


It is a big and busy city out there. Meanwhile, it is payday for you and time to make some money. A twist to this is that you do not get the money in the bank or the office but right on the streets and in people’s apartments.

The goal in the game is very simple- Collect as much as money you can while you are alive. Each bundle of money has 100 dollars. Walk past it and it shall be yours. Watch out for there will be many obstacles in your way.

In the city, there are many blocks having apartments. In these apartments, money randomly distributed and placed on the floor. The doors of these apartments are two way push open doors and so you can run past them a million times to collect money.

If you are lucky you might find some money out in the open garden too. Seldom there will be cash in the middle of the streets too.

Will you take it or leave it? Play now and find out! You can use your finger to move around while playing Killer city on your phone and the mouse while playing on your desktop.

Grab the Money and Run for your life

The thrill adding factor are the killers in the game. They are everywhere looking out for you.

Once you collect money, run for the next bundle. The killers have a gun and will leave no turn to shoot you down. You have two ways to survive: first, run for your life and second, find the baseball bat, and get close to the killer to hit him so that he faints. The best part of hitting the killer is that the money he has collected will be yours.

In this chaos, while crossing the streets make sure you don’t get hit by the vehicles passing by.

PS: The game kind of gives you a second chance by throwing a slow-mo at you indicated you can die. Just move away from the location and you will survive.

Take Away

Firstly, unlike the game, you won’t find money fallen on the floor (unless it is your lucky day). Making money isn’t very difficult but one has to work in order to make money. The internet has made it easier for everyone to earn money. It is on you how you make use of this resource.

Secondly, the game invokes an adrenaline rush to do more and to collect more. One must hustle in life to get better outcomes in whatever they do. Excel in a particular skill. Opportunities are all around. Open your eyes and grab hold of them and you can do wonders in life.