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HidJigs Spring

Do you love the spring season? It is the season when the flowers bloom, the grass is green, and the sky is clear and blue. Here is an exciting and fun game whose theme is based on spring. Play this game to uncover beautiful spring pictures and have a wonderful experience playing.


The HidJigs Spring game is a puzzle game found in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. You might find the name of this game unique. The HidJigs Spring game is named so, because it is a two in one game. It has both the ‘Hidden object’ game as well as the ‘Jigsaw puzzle’ game. The “Hid” in the name stands for Hidden and “Jig” stands for Jigsaw. So, you have the option to choose from either two games to play or you can even play both.

This game has 16 beautiful pictures of spring that you can choose from to play. You can select any that you like.


From the main page, you can select whether you want to play the ‘Hidden object’ game or the ‘Puzzle game’. If you select the ‘Hidden Objects’ mode, you will come to a page showing 16 different images. You have to select from any one of them.

Once you choose an image, you get a screen with the enlarged picture of the selected image. Here, you will have different objects hidden amidst the main image. Below the screen is given the objects you have to find. There are 15 items to be found. The first five is shown and new ones keep adding as you keep finding the hidden objects. Above the screen is the timer showing the time taken to find all 15 objects. Depending on the time you take, you will get 3-star, 2-star or 1-star.


If you select the Jigsaw puzzle option, you will come to a screen showing 16 pictures similar to the pictures shown in the Hidden object mode.

But here along with selecting the image; you can also select the difficulty mode based on puzzle size. There is an option to select the puzzle size from, 6×5 (large), 8×6 (medium), 12×10 (small).


Once you select the image and difficulty mode, you will come to the image screen with the enlarged image selected. You can use the ‘SHUFFLE’ tab given on the right-hand side to shuffle the puzzle pieces.

A timer is also given at the bottom, to calculate the time you take to play the puzzle. In case, you want to have a look at the image again, you can click at the ‘Eye’ icon on the top, right-hand side. On clicking on this icon, a smaller, complete picture of the image appears. You can look at this image and then continue playing. In case, you can’t finish it, there is also a ‘Solve’ tab.


Imagine, you have a birthday party and you call your friends’ home. Some of your friends want to play only the hidden object game and some only jigsaw puzzles. But you are happy because you have both the games arranged for them.

Play this online HidJigs Spring game to enjoy both the hidden object and jigsaw puzzle fun.