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Are you bored sitting in your house and want to do something casual but not too casual and something that requires you to put in some brains? Well, timeout has just got the right game for you. Hexa merge is a casual yet real fun puzzle game. It is a game developed by redfoc. This game falls under the category of good puzzle games so get your brain ready for this wonderful game experience.


Hexa Merge is a mind-blowing puzzle game in which the layout is a Hexagon that is made out of multiple small hexagons. Two hexagonal blocks connected to each other or one hexagon will be given to you every time. They have a number on them that is a multiple of 2. You have to drag and drop them in the hexagon. Well, that’s not all of it. When there are three or more of the same hexagonal blocks connected to each other in any way (a straight line is not required), they merge with each other and become the number which is the double of the number you just combined. But when the layout gets full and you can’t add any more blocks- you lose.

Isn’t that challenging? No wonder it requires a big brain like yours!

It is easy yet fun. This game is great in its own way. It is unique and simple and you must definitely check it out!


This is the most important part of the game. For starters, if you combine three blocks of number 2, then you would earn four points in total. It might seem a bit complicated initially but it isn’t actually.

Let us put it in a simple way. The number of blocks in a chain will give you a point. To calculate it you have to remove one block and that number you have to multiply with the number of which you have made the chain. For example, you make a chain of 4 blocks of 8 then the points you would get will be (4-1) * 8=24. The blocks in the chain more the points you will earn.

So, get ready to earn all the points and mention them in the comments section below!


Another reason to play this game is that it benefits the player a lot. Let us tell you how.

In this, the user has to calculate the output which is double the number, and check if anything better can be done with it. If a situation occurs that there are two chains that can be completed then the user must calculate the output and complete the chain which gives the maximum points. This also increases the observation skills as you have to be diligent and carefully observe which chain would give you maximum points and which could end the game for you.