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Gun Master

Have you had a chance to watch Suicide Squad and see how deadshot never failed to miss his aim and could shoot the villains from any angle you could think of? Isn’t that cool? Based on the similar lines, has come up with Gun Master. Become a hero and experience all the fun and thrill in this game.


Gun master can be enjoyed by all age groups. Although some would find this game very easy, it is an absolute entertainer.

Gun master is a multi-level game. In this game, you are the hero. Your skill in this game is to shoot people.

You have been assigned a task to kill villains. In each level, you will be assigned a list of villains (known as blacklist). Bad guys always have sidekicks and first you have to kill a few of them in order to have an encounter with their leader. Kill all the sidekicks and their bosses in order to make it to the next level.

Once you begin the game, you get to take the first shot and then move forward to the next. This goes on until you miss. In case you miss, the bad guy shoots you within a second and remember- the bad guys never miss!

Hit it to win it

Hitting the villains is easy- wait for the right moment and tap! This will eventually take you to the next level but take a lot time.

Instead you could increase our focus level and either take a headshot or a quickshot. As the name suggest, quickshot is a prompt shot that you take as soon as the new enemy appears. A headshot is where you shoot the bad guy right in his head. You not only clear the level quicker but also get extra credits for the same.

With a little practice you can manage to do both together.

HACK: Aim for the trigger of the enemy to get a headshot. Mostly works!


In gun master, rewards are in the form of points and coins. You are specially rewarded with guns if you play every day. You can also earn coins by watching the ads videos mentioned.

For every sidekick you kill, you get 2 points. When you kill the enemy by a headshot or a quickshot, you get two additional coins for each kill. On killing all the villains from the blacklist, you get additional coins or a new gun depending on your luck.

These rewards can be later used to buy new guns and outfits. You can meet all the targets and then unlock new outfits and guns to kill in style.


A little focus and determination could take you places. It not only gets you closer to your goal but also makes you skilled. And in case, you have developed interest in shooting you could also take up rifle shooting as a sport or you also apply for army someday.