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Girl Adventurer

Who doesn’t love adventure? It’s an exciting experience that gives an adrenaline rush in the body. The activity is usually something bold and risky. It could be exploring, traveling, river rafting, scuba diving, or any other extreme sport. The experience always remains fresh in your mind leaving you to crave more.

But during this pandemic, getting adventurous could be fatal and expensive to one’s life. To overcome this, has come out with Girl Adventurer. A game that will bring you some action and drama right in the comfort of your home. Hit play now to check it out!


In this game, a little girl is trying to get across a wild world to find a bounty treasure. During her course, she comes across multiple obstacles and risks.

You have to help this girl find her way through all the obstacles, falling bridges, thorns, fires, etc. to get safely across the course. Help her find a way to unlock the treasure and get to the next level. While running her way through this adventure, she will come across multiple perks on the way. Watch out for them!

You can enjoy this game on your desktop or mobile or pay with a joystick too.


This game is multi-leveled. There are about 16 exciting levels for you to unleash and explore.

The time is ticking and the golems are on the way out to kill the little girl. She is multi-talented. In addition to running fast, she can slide and even climb tall walls at ease. Use your controls wisely to excel in this game.

Kill the golem but jumping on it. It also gives you additional points.

Keep a watch on the life meter. Unlock the treasure before you run out of life!


To unlock the treasure, you need three keys which you will find along the way. Collect all three to make it to the next level.

After each level is complete, you are rewarded in the form of stars out of three. Your performance decides what starts you will receive. To get all three stars, put out your best performance. Try to collect all the coins along the way. Kill the golem to get an additional 2 points.

Grab the magic portion to stay safe for 10-15 seconds from all dangers. This can help you maintain your life for some time.

And as you level up, more rewards keep on popping. How cool right?


Life without adventure would be absolutely boring. It is necessary to take some risks. Staying in the comfort zone is not going to get you anywhere. Your growth lies outside your comfort zone. Try out new activities. Say yes to risks (Of course after analyzing it).

Our life is limited. If we were meant to stay at a place, we would have roots instead of legs just like trees. So be fearless and spread your wings and fly!