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Fun Animals Jigsaw

Little on Jigsaws puzzles

A jigsaw puzzle will force everyone to wear their thinking caps. It is a tiling puzzle game that requires one to assemble many oddly-shaped interlocking pieces of a particular photo. Each piece has a small portion of the picture and by arranging all together we get a complete photo.

The benefits of playing a jigsaw include relaxing the brain and releasing stress. Ages ago, a picture was painted on a flat rectangular wooden board, and then it was cut into smaller pieces. But now has got some exciting pieces of puzzles right on your phone.

So, get along with your friends and family and start playing Fun animal Jigsaw by hitting play now!


Fun Animals Jigsaw is another interesting game on the platform. To make the game more child friendly, the pictures on the puzzles are of animals. But do not go on the animated pictures, all ages groups, from toddlers to old aged can play this game.

In this game, there are 9 different types of jigsaw puzzles to solve. Each picture has 3 levels to clear- Easy, Medium, and Hard. The picture will be the same for all the level of complexity increases. In the easy level, there are 25 pieces. Moving on to the medium level there are 49 pieces and in the difficult level there 100 pieces.

This game can be played on the desktop or your mobile. Initially for about 2-3 seconds the original picture is displayed and then shuffled according the number of pieces you have chosen. You have to then move the piece with your hand (in mobile) or the mouse (in desktop).

Take the challenge and solve all the 9 pictures. Can you do it?


25 pieces or 100 pieces, you have to solve the puzzle to get to the next level. Yes! To unlock the remaining 8 puzzles, you have to solve the first level.

There will be many times that you will be confused or frustrated as you find yourself in middle of so many pieces. Take one step at a time. Start from the easy level. Once you are able to clear that then move to the medium or hard level. This will make things easier for you and you will be able to analyze and make an end picture in your mind while you are midway through the game.

PS: Easy or the hard, solve any one to move forward.


All initially you may scratch your head to get things right, but once you get into the mood and get acquainted it gets fun. Don’t give up even though it might look way complicated in the end.

In life there are many obstacles wherein you do not know what the end might look like but keep going. Failure is better than not taking a single step.

So take the challenge and solve all the puzzles!