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Fire balls

Looking for some unlimited fun and craziness? has the perfect game that can keep you entertained for hours- Fire Balls. This game one of the very popular amongst players across the globe.  It is a single-player hyper casual game that is playable on all smartphones (android, apple and windows), desktops and tablets.

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Fire Ball is an interesting game in which you can unleash your destructive side (on a virtual platform) without bothering about any unpleasant consequences. In this game, there are multiple tall towers that are built with different geometrical shapes in each level. You have been assigned with a very simple task: fire the cannons and destroy all the towers.

Each tower is situated on a ring having rotating obstacles around it. To clear a level, you have to time your shots carefully in order to avoid hitting any obstacles that are rotating at the base of the tower. If you successfully manage to hit the layers of the towers, its height will reduce until it is completely destroyed. As your levels upgrade, the rotating blocks or obstacles will vary in both, size and speed. So, you must have great accuracy while firing the cannons and need to stay alert at all times.

In case you fail while taking your shot and end up hitting an obstacle at the base of the tower, you lose and the game will end.

Level Up and Get Diamonds!

The Fire Balls game has unlimited levels! Each level has different color themes and each level brings on a fresh new challenge.

Each level generally three towers in it and in some cases two towers. The first two towers have diamonds on top of the tower especially for you to collect as a reward. The last tower in each level has a treasure chest which you have to hit and unlock with your cannon balls.

In case you are lucky, after a number of successful hits, you may earn a special shot too. You can see this bonus icon at the lower left side of the screen. By clicking on that icon, the shot will be fired and you will be able to destroy the obstacles. Once you are able to destroy all three towers completely, you will get three stars at the end of the level. The more stars you are able to earn, the more points you’ll get. Clear each level and challenge yourself to beat your own best score.

Can you master the Fire Balls and excel every level?


Fire Balls is a fantastic arcade game. All you need to do is pay attention.

Take charge. Command the cannons and destroy the layers of the towers in Fire Ball.

Get ready to have a blast with Fire Ball! Take an aim, tap the screen (or hit the button), and cover your ears!