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Feed the Frog

Have you seen a frog catch a fly? It jumps around and uses its long tongue to catch an insect. Here is also a game about a hungry frog, which needs to be fed. Play this game to know more about how you can feed the hungry frog and have fun.


“Feed the Frog” game is an easy and fun game found in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. In this game you are the hungry frog who needs to eat. The game begins with the screen showing the HIGH SCORE and YOUR SCORE section. At the beginning of the game, the scores are zero. You have to click on the ‘Forward’ button to start playing.


When you start the game, a screen similar to the first screen appears. The screen shows the frog sitting on a stream with greenery around. There are arrow tabs showing left and right direction. To score points in this game, you have to feed on insects like spiders and flies to fill your tummy. The insects come from top and you have to catch them.

To catch these insects, you have to move side-to-side. When the insects fall from the right side, you have to move towards the right using your mouse or right-arrow key. When the insects fall from the left-side, move towards the left to catch those insects. You can see the variety of insects coming at the bottom of the screen.

Eating one insect gives you one point. The more you can catch and eat, the more points you can score. You can see the points you score on the top of the screen.


But along with the insects that fall from top, even bombs fall down. You have to be aware of these bombs and move away before they fall on you. If the bomb falls on you, the game gets over and you have to restart the game.

When the game gets over, you can see your score and the high score on the screen. You can choose to play again.


Imagine you go to a pond or lake. There you get to see many frogs and they all are trying to catch flies and insects. It is fun to see them hop around and catch insects with their long tongues.

Play “Feed the Frog” game to enjoy helping the hungry frog catch the insects. Not only does the frog become happy but you can also score points. Increase your concentration and reflexes by playing this easy and interesting game.

P.S the speed of the game increases as you progress. so keep up with the speed.