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Cute Zoo


Visit a zoo while you are at your home! The Moana Zoo is home to many wonderful animals and their little ones. Animals are not locked up here but treated with lots of love and care. Get a chance to play with the young ones of different animals. This game is best to teach the toddlers about young ones of animals. Get started by hitting play now!


The Moana zoo is home to many animals. This zoo is full of cute animals. Thus, it is also known as the cute zoo. The zoo has a keeper and she will take you around.

The game is very simple. It has 3 stages. Moana will be with you through all the stages and she will walk you through the map.

The zoo has few babies of different animals who have been hurt and left alone. It is your duty to watch over the well-being of these abandoned young ones. The zoo has all the first-aid tools that will heal the animal. You have to choose the right medicine and apply it.

Once the little one is fit, you can groom the baby. The baby is now fit and clean and is ready to laugh again. You can then have a fun play session with every animal. Isn’t that interesting?

Shower all the love

For every stage you clear you are awarded stars. Complete all the tasks given to you with care and you will get all the stars.

You will be given instructions at every step. Follow the instruction to complete the tasks assigned. There is no catch whatsoever.

You will know what all is required to provide relief to animals in pain. These young animals cause no harm and lookout for a friend. Let go fear and show some love to these cute little ones.

Take away

Animals are innocent creatures and they cannot express themselves as humans do. Animals have been facing abuse due to many people. Thus, they are often scared of humans and as an act of self-defense end up attacking us. We need to understand that they don’t have maturity and have to handled with care and affection.

Animals too have basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. If humans fulfill these needs the animal could lead a healthy life and could also end up being a human’s best friend.

We all need to be kind to humans as well as animals. Kindness doesn’t cost a penny. Be good to everyone and good things will happen to you.

In addition to this, if you enjoyed the process of providing aid to the animals, you can explore more about being a vet in the future. Vets have a better understanding of animal health and can help in curing their diseases.

Hit the play now button and let us know your experience in the cute zoo!