Content Writing

Thanks for your interest in writing content for our platform, This document outlines the terms of our content writing engagement.

Make sure that the following terms are acceptable to you – and if yes, you can start steps 1-3 right away. Submit your post here.

Currently paying ₹0.5 per word (INR).

Tasks expected:

  1. Play a game on of a category of your choice
  2. Take 4-5 screenshots (to add in the blog you will write)
  3. Write a blog post about it 500 words describing game play, and a story around it (from your imagination – but directly linked to the game)
  4. You can refer – I have written this as a reference sample
  5. Reach out to me – on – with your post and screenshots – AFTER I CONFIRM WRITEUP QUALITY – I will give you an author account on this blog
  6. Write only one blog per game. If a blog is already written about some game, don’t write another one. Use the ‘search’ function on the blog site to confirm this.
  7. Insert your screenshots to liven up the post
  8. I will do a validation and then pay you within 2-3 days
  9. Limit yourself to 4-5 blogs per week max
  10. Once you do 10+ posts of a certain game category, you can do one additional post for ‘best 10 games’ for that category.
  11. Just ensure you get the posts plan confirmed from me before you start
  12. Naturally every usable blog article will be paid for, whether we engage long term or not is a matter for future

If you’re in India, we’ll pay you via bank transfer (IMPS / NEFT) so you get the money quickly.
If you’re outside India, we’ll pay you via Paypal. If you want Paypal in India you will need to bear the fees.