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Break The Key

Have you dropped your key in the gap between the sofa and the wall or has it gone missing under the cupboard, and you have to move furniture to retrieve it? You sometimes might have to use different strategies to get the key out. Here is an online game where you have to use your logical skills to retrieve the key.


‘Break the key’ is a logical game in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. This is a type of ‘block game’. This game requires you to retrieve the key to win the game. The key is present inside a block where you have to break the block and take the key out. This is a multilevel game. There are 40 exciting and mind-cracking levels, where you have to unlock each level to open the next level.

When you click on the first level, two blocks will be seen. One block has the key in it and other is a blue block. You have to navigate or move this blue block towards the key block and break the key free. The first level will show you the instruction on how to move forward.


For you to play this game, all you have to do is swipe the blue block towards the direction you want to move to reach the key. You can move up-down or left-right. Use your reasoning skills and logic to decide the best possible route to reach the key without falling off.


As the game progresses, the complexity of the game increases too. In the next levels you will have some blocks in the way through which you have to navigate to reach the key. But these blocks are helpful also because they break your movement and act as barriers and stop you from falling of the playing area. If you swipe towards a particular direction that has no block, you will go off the play-area and then you will have to replay the level.

As you pass the levels in this ‘Break the key’ game, the number of blocks increases and even the color of blocks varies. You will also get yellow and red blocks. Only when you touch the yellow block will you be able to break the key block. Sometimes an empty block appears. You have to get past it to change its color and it then turns into a block that can act as a barrier. You can use this for reaching towards the key. Once you successfully reach the key, you get the LEVEL CLEAR message and then you can continue to the next level.


Have you drop your key in a box of toys? Imagine you have to take your key out from it and you move through the toys that act as obstacles to get near your key. But unlike, this game, the toys are movable and the blocks in this game, except for the blue, do not move and you have to make your way logically. Play ‘Break the key’ game and sharpen your minds.