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Bounce Ball

Bounce Ball is a Logic Game
Bounce Ball is a Logic Game

Make way for the bouncing ball

Challenging your brain, this game involves you to play with full concentration making the ball reach its destination. Thinking out of the box is essential as the game gets harder with increasing levels.

All you have to do is to rotate the blocks which are placed in the path and make the ball reach its goal. Tapping a block rotates it 45° clockwise and tapping the ball commences the game. Some blocks are stationary and can’t be rotated while some other blocks will bounce the ball back.

You will not pass to the next level until the ball reaches the goal box on the current level. So, apply your logic and keep moving the blocks. The game will not exit if you fail in one level, it lets u play the recent level you passed unlimitedly. Try all the possible combination of the blocks and let the ball slide smoothly to its landing place. You will feel soothing as the ball makes its way to the goal without any hindrance on its path.

In a nutshell, rotate blocks appropriately and let the bouncing ball reach its destination. Get ready to face the block of all types and play the game as it is relaxing and motivating.

Play Bounce Ball
Play Bounce Ball


Try, try, try until you succeed

In the race of life, we face many obstacles on our path of success and growth. The blocks being the bottlenecks must be handled in a way that we are focussed in achieving our goal. Not being distracted by the problems that come our way,  the ability to taste victory lies in our hands.

As we get aged, the complexity of the troubles also increases. Irrespective of how young we are we must be able to tackle it which adds more clarity to our way of triumph.

The problem creators in real life may be either people, situation or finance. Remember, if there is a problem there ought to be a solution. Push yourselves hard and come out of your comfort zone until you find the solution.

Most importantly do not hesitate to try as many times as possible. You will never know the worth of your achievement of overcoming the blocks until you try to sort it out. Failing in one trial gives you hundreds of lessons that can be learnt. With all those lessons in the next trial you will either learn a hundred more or directly land in success, both of which is beneficial.

As the game proceeds with harder levels, you also should set checkpoints in your life. Make changes in your way of approaching things if you get stuck on any short term goal.

So, play the game and let yourself know if you will solve the issue to become a winner or stick onto it lamenting and blaming.