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Black Or White

We know that our world is so colorful. We have plenty of colors to choose from and these colors make our world a pretty place. But what if there were only two colors like only black and white? Would our world be the same? How would it be to have only two colors and live with it? Is it going to be easy or hard? Here is a game that is based on these two colors- Black and White.


Black and White is an interesting game found in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. As the name of this game suggests, there are only two colors in this game. The game begins with a screen showing a black and white ring that keep rotating. There is also a ball at the bottom. To play this game, you have to navigate this ball through the obstacles.


The color of the ball may either be white or black. Depending on the color of the ball, you have to guide the ball through the obstacle / ring of the same color, i.e. if the color of the ball is white, you have to take the ball through the white part of the obstacles and if the color of the ball is black, pass the ball through the black part of the obstacles.

The color of the ball can change. So, you have to be cautious to change your ball course too. In case, you touch the obstacle other than the same color of that of the ball, the game gets over and you have to start the game again.


To take the ball from the starting point through the obstacles, you have to tap or click on the screen. When you tap, the ball bounces. You have to keep tapping so the ball bounces ahead and goes up. If you stop the tap or click on the screen, the ball will go back down. While its way down, if it touches the obstacle at a different color, the game gets over there.


The obstacles may have stars inside it. You have to collect the stars to score points. When the game gets over, you get to see the score and the high score.


Do you know any other black and white games? Yes, the chess, a deck of cards and even the game of carroms have black and white coins. All these games have different playing methods and strategies. Our Black and White game is different from these games and you can play this online to experience the fun of it. Use your strategy and concentration to pass the ball through the obstacles successfully.