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Are you bored sitting in your house and want to do something casual but not too casual and something that requires you to put in some brains? Well, timeout has just got the right game for you. Hexa merge is a casual yet real fun puzzle game. It is a game developed by redfoc. This […]

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Fire balls

Looking for some unlimited fun and craziness? has the perfect game that can keep you entertained for hours- Fire Balls. This game one of the very popular amongst players across the globe.  It is a single-player hyper casual game that is playable on all smartphones (android, apple and windows), desktops and tablets. Are you […]

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Wall Avoid

Looking for something different but something that doesn’t need much of your energy? Timeout is here to your rescue! Check out Wall Avoid on timeout and get an interesting way to kill boredom. Gameplay Wall Avoid is one of the most simplest games on Timeout. This game is designed for all age groups, from toddlers […]

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Girl Adventurer

Who doesn’t love adventure? It’s an exciting experience that gives an adrenaline rush in the body. The activity is usually something bold and risky. It could be exploring, traveling, river rafting, scuba diving, or any other extreme sport. The experience always remains fresh in your mind leaving you to crave more. But during this pandemic, […]

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Pokémon Pikachu

Are you the biggest Pokémon fan? Before it became a famous TV series, Pokémon was a famous video game. Now get to step into the Pokémon world along with Ash’s favorite Pikachu on! Help him through his toughest journey. Are you ready to witness some action? Pika! Pika! GAMEPLAY The world of Pokémon is […]

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Fun Animals Jigsaw

Little on Jigsaws puzzles A jigsaw puzzle will force everyone to wear their thinking caps. It is a tiling puzzle game that requires one to assemble many oddly-shaped interlocking pieces of a particular photo. Each piece has a small portion of the picture and by arranging all together we get a complete photo. The benefits […]

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Gun Master

Have you had a chance to watch Suicide Squad and see how deadshot never failed to miss his aim and could shoot the villains from any angle you could think of? Isn’t that cool? Based on the similar lines, has come up with Gun Master. Become a hero and experience all the fun and […]

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Cute Zoo

Introduction Visit a zoo while you are at your home! The Moana Zoo is home to many wonderful animals and their little ones. Animals are not locked up here but treated with lots of love and care. Get a chance to play with the young ones of different animals. This game is best to teach […]

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Princess Captain Avenger

Introduction Let’s take a trip to the Kingdom of Ice. A beautiful land with many humble families who were once under the influence of evil. Queen Eliza has brought peace to the kingdom and has been protecting the Kingdom of Ice from all evil. She is very brave but the enemy can attack at any […]

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Killer City

Looking out for a thriller game? Your search ends here. Timeout’s most exciting game Killer City will keep you glued to fun all-day. What makes this game more special that is the sequel of famous game Stick City. Gameplay It is a big and busy city out there. Meanwhile, it is payday for you and […]