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Around The World With Jumping

You must have read Jules Verne’s novel, “Around the world in 80 days”. Have you thought of going around the world? Do you wish to visit new places and see iconic monuments like the Eiffel tower? Usually people visit places by traveling in a plane, car or even by walking. But in this game, you use a different mode of travel. You visit the iconic Eiffel tower jumping. Yes! Do you find it unusual?

Play this fun game to know more and enjoy as you go around the world virtually.


AROUND THE WORLD WITH JUMPING is a simple and easy game present in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. This game has only one level and no complex graphics. This is neither a timed game nor does it have any inventory. Well, this game begins with a screen showing the earth image with the image of the Eiffel tower on one side and a person with a yellow helmet. When you tap on the screen, the game begins. The Earth starts rotating and the person looks like he is traveling. In this game, you are the one traveling around the world.


In this game, there are no other monuments except the Eiffel tower. You have to jump over the tower. When the Earth moves in circular motion, the Eiffel tower comes where you are positioned.

You are supposed to jump over the tower without hitting it. To jump over the tower, you have to tap the screen or click the mouse when you are close to the tower. Every successful jump gives you points. You can see your score on the top of the screen.

If you happen to jump at the wrong time, you hit the tower and the game gets over there. You have to restart the game and your previous score is displayed. This game requires concentration and quick response to play without getting out.


As you progress in the game, you will notice that the speed of the earth varies. The rotation of the Earth increases or decreases in between, so, you have to manage your jumping time accordingly. Jumping before the tower comes closer results in you mostly hitting it, so time your jump accurately.


Imagine you go on a solo trip to visit the Eiffel tower. To reach there you have to cross many barriers and jump across different places. Your love to visit new places will help you reach successfully. Play this simple but efficient game to increase your concentration and reflexes. Develop your time skills by playing this game and focusing to jump on time.

P.S Since there is only one object over which you have to jump, you can concentrate and play the game well.