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Alphabet Jump

Alphabets are the basics of language. The English alphabets are 26 in number starting from A to Z. Alphabets are the beginning of kids’ language learning skills. Kids enjoy to learn alphabets through rhymes and songs. One of the famous rhymes is the ‘ABC’ song. But here is also another fun and interesting way to learn your alphabets. This is the Alphabet Jump game, which will not only help you to learn the alphabets but make sure you have some enjoyment and entertainment too.


The Alphabet Jump game is present in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. It is an easy game for kids to learn and understand the alphabets. It is fun to play and can be played in your computer or phone. In this game you have to jump over the alphabets to reach till the end. After you reach the top, you win the game.


The game starts with the screen showing a teddy type character present. There are rows of alphabets present. There are three alphabets in a row. These alphabets are shown inside clouds. The alphabets are, however, arranged randomly in the rows. You have to go through the alphabets from start to finish in order. But to go to the next alphabet you have to jump from one cloud to another. Only by jumping you can reach till the last alphabet and win the game.


As you jump in order of the alphabets, the cloud with that specific alphabet disappears from the set of three alphabet clouds. In case you miss the order of the alphabet while jumping, and land on a wrong cloud, you go down. If the previous alphabet in the order is present on the way down, you will land on that cloud. But if there is no previous alphabet then you go direct down and then you have to restart the game.

Once you reach on the top after jumping till alphabet Z, you get the ‘Hurray’ message. You can start playing again to practice your alphabets and increase your speed.

This game is not scored or timed, so you can take your time and play as long as you find the correct order of alphabets.


Do you know the hopscotch game? Have you played it? It is a playground game where you have to jump over squares drawn on the ground and which has numbers in it. You have to jump over the numbers using one leg. It is fun and more like a sport. The Alphabet Jump game is similar to the hopscotch game where you have to jump, but here you have alphabets in place of numbers and the game is played virtually. This fun game is suitable for kids who are learning their alphabets and who would love to play with their alphabets and develop their observation and learning skills too.