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Africa Maze


Africa Maze

Africa Maze is a game to look out for on Timeout! It’s a game that’ll take you on tour through Africa’s 15 countries (YES, 15!). This game is also called Maze and Tourist.


The game is very easy but has a small catch. There are 15 different exciting levels (Example: Level 1- Egypt: Egyptian pyramids and so on) in Africa Maze. At the beginning of each level, a small and basic intro of the country shall be given to you. Each level has a new tricky layout of the maze. There is a starting point and that is where you will find the little tourist standing. He is lost and it’s YOU who shall help this little guy throughout his tour in Africa.

Africa Maze

The catch is that it’s a timed game. Although the clock might not be visible in bold, there is a small meter running on the top left-hand corner of the screen. All you have to do is figure out how your little guy can get across the maze to his end location before you run out of time. There will be only one correct route to reach the other end. Once you identify the right route, glide and direct the tourist through the turns of the maze to the beautiful location.


Africa Maze

Africa Maze is all about how fast you can understand and detect the right route and glide through. Once you get the main route, smoothly glide your little man towards the exit. The faster you do this, the better are the chances of getting all the three stars.

Cheat Hack: Look out for the end, as it is clear. Crack it!


Based on your performance in the level i.e. how fast you have helped the tourist reach his destination, you shall be rated with stars.

Africa Maze


Life itself is a big puzzle. You never know which turn it might take and when. Sometimes you might meet someone who is lost and looking out to get on the right track.

Africa Maze is quite similar to that. You can help someone selflessly to get to their goal. You will be rewarded in some or the other way. In this game too you help a tourist find his destination every time. Here you are rewarded in terms of stars.

PS: Once you complete 15 levels, you shall know about 15 new countries, their respective capital, and the language they speak in. How cool is that! Get playing!