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Adventures of Flig

Do you love adventure? Yes! We all do. It’s the fun and thrill of finding new places and doing new tasks that makes us seek adventure in our lives. Here is a game that is equally challenging and adventurous.


The “Adventures of Flig” is an adventure game in the puzzle section of TIMEOUT. This is a multilevel game where you have to unlock each level by playing and passing the previous levels. This game is interesting and has a combination of three games in one – air hockey, runner and labyrinth. This game requires you to help Flig to save his beloved from the hands of the evil Spider by scoring points and passing the levels as you explore beautiful and mysterious worlds.

The game begins with you being shown a small video of Flig beginning his adventure. You have to travel through this adventure in a railroad cart. Before you start the first level, a hint will be given of how you are supposed to play the level. This will be shown for each level.


You have to score points to pass the level. You can see the points scored at the top left-hand corner. There is also a timer shown at the top right-hand corner. Score the points before the time is up. But as the game progresses, you get levels where you have to play the game of hockey. You have to score more points than your opponent to win the level. Here the score is based on the greater number of times you goal.

There are also levels where you have to collect keys while passing through mazes. You can also score points by playing the maze game using the help of Spidey, the tiny spider. Here you have to use the arrow keys to navigate through the maze.


If you fail a level and you find it hard to win, you can change the difficulty mode of the level you are playing. There is a ‘Change difficulty’ tab that you can click to change the difficulty mode. There are three modes of difficulty, those being the Easy mode with one-star shown in green, Medium mode with two-star shown in yellow and Difficult mode with three-star shown in red. Choose the mode that’s suitable and play on.


Have you been to an adventure trip? You surely might have and have enjoyed crossing rivers or jumping through fields to get to your destination. But this game is a different type of adventure that you can experience only by playing it. Play till the end and enjoy your love for hockey as you progress in the game.

P.S This game requires you to use both arrow keys as well as the mouse.